#Feminism: the new black

#8M is coming: International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world and, first time in Spain, women will be able to be on strike! But, what does it have to do with marketing?

Well, nowadays, the Feminism is the new black: a worldwide movement in any social class and that’s integrated in any marketing campaign. But the big question is: What solutions are there? Well… we can ask for them to the President of the Spanish Government:

Translation TC 00:35′: Question “Not even saying that if a woman and a man do the same, should they earn the same salary?” Answer “Let’s not get involved in that”.

Great, right? Well… Government campaigns supporting women rights are part of “The hypodermic needle model” (an intended message is directly received and wholly accepted by the receiver without any question). It was explained too -with other theory- by Daniel Kahneman, Nobel in economic science, in his book ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’.

So the Government is supporting our rights and fighting for equality and same salaries between men and women… but in fact, it’s not that way. This kind of promotion is an indulged lie to get votes… not to get rights… Well, my sweet Alice in Wonderland, it’s a marketing campaign where the objetives are differents than you thought… only that.


How can we fight against this corruption of feminism? We have to see beyond the marketing… what is being achieved? Maybe the strike, where women are temporarily giving up to their daily salary, can achieve more than advertisement. “Feminism is like sexism”, “you cannot wear neckline and defend your rights”, “if you are a man you can’t be a feminist … all of that are just strategies to lure you away from the real objective of feminism campaign: equality.

Keep it on your mind! Anything that moves away from equality, is not a marketing campaign about Feminism … it’s only a tool to achieve other objectives … A company can sell more products and make women have more visibility and equal salaries in the same marketing campaign. The objectives: selling more and get an equal society. It’s not bad!

What other invisible marketing campaigns can help achieve equal rights for women?


There are websites like Wisel Wisel -where everybody enjoy memes and jokes- and from time to time there are sexy photos of tattoos and girls under the hashtag #RockGirl… perfect! And what about #RockBoys? I like women body, I like tattoos, and definitely I also like men bodies (not only women, a lot of men will be also agree me).

Another example: Formula 1 was criticized for using models (women) as stewardesses, so they fired them. Wrong! If hostesses are necessary, hire women and men for it! They can be models or not. The problem is this (the real objetive, remember):

And, of course, there are another taboo issues, like asking women about maternity in job interviews or the believe that women can’t consume porn or that porn can only be focused in men pleasure. There are women film directors -like Erika Lust– and even websites that offer this kind of videos without hurting women and, most important of all, they are able to evoke pleasurable situations for men and women. The danger of “traditional” porn is their evocation of violent situations against women. Women enjoy sex too, believe me…

By the way, even in LGTBI community, women have to fight more for their rights... and quite often marketing campaigns forget about it!

It’s very shocking to see how a lot of friends (men friends) change their mind when they have daughters… Don’t wait for this moment and begin to find equality everywhere! It has to be part of your Personal brand in life!!

And yes, only for this time, forget what I said in my first presentation, because in this B-side article , the product placement is not only in your imagination…

Be feminist, my friend!


Branded content wants YOU!

Remember, remember… the 22nd of… December! It was my first post and I said something like this: “And don’t forget it, the product placement in this B-side is just your imagination!”. So, what’s the difference between both concepts? Branded content versus Product placement… Indeed are similar in the goal but not in the way…

For example, this is product placement (the best product placement ever in a movie!):

And Branded Content maybe can be this useful blog B-side-my-job, where you can find all you need about how promote anything and not to take more than three painkillers a day! Amazing! Interesting! And, of course, my own branded content about my job!

Ok, maybe the next parody (read it again: PARODY!) can help you… Imagine Michelangelo’s statue of David or Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony were actually examples of Branded Content !! Look!

So, this is it! A branded content is an audiovisual concept (podcast, serie, TV show, a film..) a text content (book, articles…) or an artist’s work (music, events), even eSports… that improve the image of the brand according to similar values.


This month I assisted to a motivating talk about BRANDED CONTENT inLekanto Studiowhere different speakers were talking about the Importance of defining company values  to connect with the audience. According to Ícaro Moyano of WinkTTD, branded contents are not fireworks similar to advertisement campaigns, are something more: are contents to engage the audience through the time.

During this event, one woman asked why it can’t be used for social proposals, and here I found an example about branded content, social compromise and, also, virtual reality! In November 2015, The New York Times distributed one million Google Cardboard virtual reality viewers to some of its subscribers. The content was The Displaced, a VR story about how war has affected 30 million refugees children around the world. You can take part of an immersive journey across three war-ridden region. This app got more downloads than any other app released by the paper.

And I ask myself… If branded content can be the tool we need to control companies, to ask them for corporate social responsibility… According to Álvaro Morales of Carat, a brand without values won’t get to engage the audience. Alvaro also mentioned the importance of new formats… not only Virtual Reality, also Artificial intelligence will be branded content.

And in this part, Pablo Muñoz, CEO of FCB, talked about the importance of make a lab inside creative team to innovate. As well technological companies have development team, it would have to be a “must”, and not only to have billable workers! How can you innovate if you can’t think, search new information and testing?


Other discussion was about all the creative professionals, how integrate artists, philosophers, musicians, storytellers in this equation. They complained about a lack of art and culture people in this “branded content”, but nothing so far away: creativity is the base of this concept and it can employ a lot of people. For me, Netflix is a branded content… original content in the line of their business and their promotion… so feature films, series and TV shows professionals are welcome! Great!

I encourage creative people to propose new jobs to integrate their knowledge! Why a philosopher couldn’t be in internal communication or  in Human Resources in a company? The same way for branded content, these professionals have to promote themselves in new job positions! Don’t wait for a call, if you know how will be social media, videogames, VR or transmedia future, you can join it and make your own professional future to offer yourself as dependable person for companies and creative agencies!

Only a dream? My sister, Irene Cano, has studied Fine Arts and photography. She had to go out of Spain to work, of course. I still remember when she told me -with a belgian beer between us- how she was very happy to begin working in a fashion photography agency in London because she would show her talent one day and could fight to show new canons of beauty in the catalogs! Yeah! It’s rock’n roll! Everything you try, at least once in your life, is rock’n roll, my friend! By the way, I told you that she is my sister? Oh yeah!


So if you want to claim your personal brand, your work, or engage people to your social and culture compromise, branded content wants you!

Why B-Side my friend?


B-side my joB is the “behind the scene” of Patricia Cano.

Journalist, Photographer (PíCaRa) and Marketing Manager. All of them are my A-side.

How PROMOTE animated feature films, VFX jobs, videogames, concerts, artists… and not to take more than three painkillers a day ?

That, my friend, is my B-side, and I am going to tell you how really is this CRAZY business…

Yes, it will always be in English language… MY English language… So take it easy… and read me with Sofía Vergara accent in ‘Modern Family’. It will be more funny if you forgive my mistakes… no cat will die 😉

First at all…. a short and graphic introduction to the great job of “The girl of the Marketing”…. aka “the girl of the T-shirts”.*

This is what you have to promote… (what bosses say):


This is what you want to promote… (what the team desire):


This is what you would do to promote it… (if you had a Marketing budget )


And this is what you can do to promo… I mean, what you can try to do!


Al right!

With this simple rule you can understand any single thing of Marketing!

Go ahead :

This is me (the picture that my parents show to the neighbours…)


This is what people expect from “the girl of Marketing” (Cool!)** 

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 16.35.01

And this is what people imagine when I explain all the things we do in Marketing (OMG!)


Well… it’s only the begining… And don’t forget it, the product placement in this B-side is just your imagination.

This blog will be awesome! (yes… it is what I want to promote… XD)

Because Marketing is only rock’n roll… and I like it!

* If I was a man, would I be called “the boy of T-shirts” ? Good question my friend…
** Portrait made by Mayte Templado by the way 😉